2023.május 30.
Janka, Zsanett, Johanna, Nándor

Peace for Europe Petition

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The Peace for Europe Movement

In unison with the citizens of Europe and cooperating nongovernmental organizations and in the name of reason and normalcy, calls upon any decision maker, institution, and political body in Europe acting under non-European influence to stop subserving the interests of extrinsic powers.

Some unfavorable developments over the past few years, such as the pandemic, economic recession, the energy crisis, illegal migration, and armed conflicts, have clearly demonstrated the existence of forces that have a vested interest in ruining Europe. They will do everything they can to achieve their goals, regardless of expenses in terms of money or human lives. Their executive agents appear in the management of multinational corporations, on editorial teams of mainstream media, in the leadership of institutions and political parties in the European Union, and in fake nongovernmental organizations created and run by them. Consequences of their activities include the complete disruption of the lives of the citizens of Europe, debauching our children, people struggling to cater for their own and their families’ basic daily needs, and even the possible breakout of a nuclear conflict.

In view of the above, our Movement demands the restitution of the spirit of peace in Europe, putting an end to illegal migration, the cessation of the relentless sharpening of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the promotion of the opening of peace talks, restoration of normal energy supply in Europe, and putting an end to an overemphasis, in violation of the interests of the majority, on gender ideology.